Faran School

Introduction & perspective

Attributed to the ancient name of the valley of Makkah “Faran”. Faran public high school chakdara is one of the earliest education institute in khyber pukhtoonkhwa in private sector. Its registration number  is 07  and established in june 1981 with its initial name of Dir Public school chakdara.

       As it was the first school of its nature, Local people  as well as those from far areas used to come and started to admit their children zealously. Not much period was passed, the newly established school gained the status of a standard institute.

 After nine years, then owners and the managers of the school who belonged to Swabi decided to wind up their business and sale it out to some local persons. Unfortunately, due to lack of adequate, experience, the school affair started running in improper direction.

           A bulk of parents in despair, wethdrew their children from the school and admitted them in other institutions.

      In these critical moments, some local persons of enviable character and sensitive minds came forward and took the bridle of the fastly declining institution in their hands. It was 1990 that the ownership and management of Dir public school chakdara was shifted to well reputed and highly educated gentlemen. The well known people of chakdara, most prominently Mr.prof Muhammad Nisar, prof Mian Fazle Wali, Mr Gul Muhammad advocate and Mr Haya Gul put the school on the path of success in very little time. Utilizing their wisedome, professional skill and experience, the said persons brought positive changes in the school.

                        The new changes made in the whole structure of the school keeping in view our religion and traditions were well- comed by the mass particularly the parents. The new shape of the school drew the attention of the members towards change in its name, Eventually, Dir public school chakdara was changed to Faran public school chakdara under an official notification No. 1164/s-12 Reg.No 7 in 1992 The status of the middle was given to it in 1992.While notification of upgradation of the school to high status was issued in 1998

            Besides the aforesaid persons, some worth mentioned figure, namely Mr, Ali Akbar , Mr hasham khan and Mr, Raham Ghani rendered their services in excellent manner. They were all remained principals of the institution in different periods.

            With the start of new century i.e 2000 managenent responsibilities of Faran public high school were handed over to the currently working principal Mr.Razaullah By the grace of ALLAH ‘Faran’ is now a big name in the list of educational institution of the area.

Sports & Physical Training:

There is a suitable open place where students may play light games.

Beside this, the top floor of the building is also used as playing area. An experienced person retired from Pak Navi has been working as Physical Education Teacher in the school, Various physical exercises are also given to the students under the supervision of PET.


School Curriculam:-

Most of the text books from nursery to 8th class are prepared by Afaq (Iqbal Series). Some books of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa text board and Millat Publication are also included in the school Syllabus.

Beside the text book, there is also a class period by the name of Taaleem-u-Quraan for the class of 1st to 7th class. In this class, “Qurani Qaida”,”Tajweed” ‘Tahfeez’ of Selected Qurani Soorahs, Translation, Selected Ahadees, “Masnoon Duaeen” and other Islamic teachings are being taught and learned to the student.

Discipline:- One of the salient feature of the Faran Public High School Chakadara is good discipline . All the students are made bound to comply with all the rules and regulation made for them. They are refrained to do against the discipline, firstly through a polite way of affection and advice. However, sometimes admonitory steps are also taken incase of gross violence of the discipline for this purpose, Staff Proctors assisted by the student proctors are doing their job nicely.


Beginning of the Education year:-

Education year starts from first April. It Consist of three terms 1st term 2nd term and 3rd term

1st term :——————— April to july

2nd term :——————– August to November

3rd term :——————– December to March

At the end of each term there is an examination which is attributed to the term concerned. Apart from that several tests of 50 marks are taken in all subjects from time to time. The whole term record of every student about his attendance, monthly tests and the examination concerned is given to the student on the result. Declaration day Morever, efficiency update of any student may be obtained any time from the off ice. Position holder af all the term are honoured with prizes on the day of result.

School Assembly: Daily school Session starts with the school assembly Attendence in the assembly is must for all the students except the students of nursery to 2nd  class. In assembly both physical and spiritual training are given to the student.

House Programme:

The school student of 3rd  class to 10th are grouped into seven houses.

Tariq House: Attributed to Tariq Bin Ziad ( conqueror of Spain)

Khalid Hous: Attributed to Khalid Bin Waleed ( Great “Sahabi” and Islamic Holy Warrior)

Ghazali House: Attributed to Great Islamic Scholar Imam-e- Ghazali

 Ghaznavi House: Attributed to Great Islamic warrior Mahmood Ghaznavi

 Iqbal House:  Attributed to Our national poet Allama Iqbal

Qasim House: Attributed to Great Islamic chief commander popularly known as The                                                 conqueror of Sind  

Fatma House:  Attributed to Great Muslim woman and Daughter of our holy prophet

Last period in a week is a house period. Various item such as speeches, poems, Golden sayings , Useful information’s and other informative and recreational items are presented by the students. The purpose of this periodis to build confidence and discourage hesitation in the student

Multimedia :

Multimedia has been introduced into the school curriculum. Videos explaining selected topics of various subjects are being displayed through projector.

Monthly Quiz Competition:

Class wise quiz competition is carried out on monthly basis. Special competition among the student is also down through a variety of funny games. These  types of exercise provides entertainment as well as a competitive environment  to the student

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