admission & functions


national celebration day, defence day and other functions are also organized from time to time . Beside speeches, various other items are presented by the students those occasions.

School uniform


1. Blue shirt and trouser and black shoes.

2. Dark blue sweater in winter only.


1. Dark blue shirt and white trouser along with black shoes.

2. White scarf.

Ways of admission: admission in class nursery is given without any test. Admission an other classes is given by qualifying entry test, provided the seats are available in the concerned class.


for the session —–2015-2016, following is the fee structure.

 new admission for all classes =2000

promotion fee for prep—-10th class=1500

S.NO CLASS Tuition fee
01 nursery 600/-
02 prep 600/-
03 1st 700/-
04 2nd 800/-
05 3rd 800/-
06 4th 850/-
07 5th 900/-
08 6th 900/-
09 7th 950/-
10 8th 1000/-
11 9th 1100/-
12 10th 1100/-


NOTE: in case of two or more children the elder/senior one will pad full fee while the rest will be entitled to pay half tuition.


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